Former leaders of The Geek Group in Grand Rapids indicted for unregistered Bitcoin trade

Over two decades following a federal raid in The Geek Group at Grand Rapids, an indictment was issued against business leaders that surfaced prohibited Bitcoin commerce and money laundering.

The indictment has been signed Feb. 24 at U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids.

Those called defendants have been Christopher Allan Boden, the firm presidentLeesa Beth Vogt, a company board memberand Daniel Reynod DeJager, a business consultant. The Geek Group, also called the National Science Institute, has been a documented non-profit company.

Federal prosecutors allege Boden marketed Bitcoin to numerous clients in trade for U.S. money. They allege more than $700,000 has been marketed.

The issue, police allege, is that Boden along with the other defendants weren’t licensed using the U.S. Department of Treasury as a cash business or cash cage.

Bitcoin is referred to as a cryptocurrency and is totally virtual. A Bitcoin is basically a computer file usually saved in a’pocket ‘

The defendants set up a Chase Bank accounts in mid-2017 to put away profits from Bitcoin earnings and to purchase more.

Prosecutors asserted that Boden and DeJager understood’that some of their funds involved were utilized to buy derived from purchasing controlled materials’

They also allege that Boden promoted his capacity to’combine’ Bitcoin to clients. Mixing is a means to vague ties between Bitcoin electronic addresses and individual identities.

In preceding decades, it supplied hands-on instructional opportunities, for example, usage of high-tech facilities and equipment by scientists, professors and others. It occasionally handed out utilized computers at little if any expense to assist kids of families.