Bitcoin Bank Review

Bitcoin Bank Review: Is it Reliable? Be sure to read before investing

For most people who invested in cryptocurrency trading, the year 2020 started in a very profitable way, generating a lot of financial gains. Many of these profits are thanks to tools called the Bitcoin robot like Bitcoin Bank.

It is not too late to start making money from this type of market and there are some ways to achieve your goal of becoming an online trader. If you plan to join thousands of traders to make money from buying and selling cryptocurrencies, you should consider using systems with automated trading robots.

For those who have no experience in this type of market, we know how difficult it is to find an alternative source of income, in addition to full-time employment; that’s where the idea of ​​using an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency comes in. To make it easier for anyone who wants to start making money with the cryptocurrency market, there is Bitcoin Bank, one of the automated trading platforms that has been in the market for some time.

To make sure that Bitcoin Bank is a good option for buying and selling trading system, we have summarized it to help you understand how the company operates and thus be able to choose whether it will be a good investment for you.

This analysis was made by an independent author, and does not reflect the opinion of Investing in complex assets and assets carries risks, and investors must act at their own risk.

Key features of Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin Bank offers many features that made it popular, including:

Customer service

We contacted support via email and phone. In both cases, the response was quick, professional and friendly.

Regulated brokers

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Bank relies only on regulated brokers, which increases confidence in the product.

Safe profits

Online testimonials claim that Bitcoin Bank is so popular because it offers a win rate of over 90%.

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Is it scam?

Investing in Bitcoins along with other cryptocurrencies are becoming better than traditional investments.

  • The cryptocurrency marketplace is extremely volatile – moving up and down every moment. This has made a panic and a number of individuals are selling their own Bitcoin, while some are purchasing them.
  • Here lies the opportunity to become a millionaire. If you would like to gain from trading from cryptocurrencies, utilize the best software.
  • This computer software knows that the importance lies in the way the exchanges operate in the market. The prices of Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies extends up and down based on demand and supply.
  • It varies from one exchange to another. The software scans the market because of the gap in costs.
  • It knows just when to buy and when to sell. It purchases when prices are low and sells if they’re large.
  • You do not need to do any downtime for this. The advanced algorithm of Bitcoin Bank Breaker will it for you.


  • Great customizable platform
  • Low minimal deposit
  • Beginner friendly
  • Fast withdrawal times
  • Great security and protection

Fake Testimonials That Are Ridiculous

On the website, Bitcoin Bank has testimonials that are all accompanied with flash photographs of people who are by jets or bathing in money.

However, the investigation from TrustPedia shows that these testimonials are not legitimate. The reviewers are, in fact, actors that have been hired. Anyone can spend some money to pose near a jet plane and make it look like it’s theirs. Most scam robots use these types of photos with their testimonials.

Any robot that features testimonials of show-offs is sure to be a scam. We think that you should really pay close attention to what is being said on these platforms before you register with them. In fact, you probably shouldn’t register at all, and you definitely shouldn’t fund the account with your money.

Fake Partner Brokers and Web-Trader

The web-trader on Bitcoin Bank is just a webpage. It looks like a trading platform, but it isn’t real. Our investigation has shown that there isn’t an algorithm behind it, so the results that it does generate are all predetermined.

This means that no live trading ever takes place when you’re on the platform. Like similar scam robots, Bitcoin Bank depends on the scam brokers to get the money from the deposits. We mentioned earlier that none of these brokers are regulated. Because of that, there is no oversight, so you can’t keep them accountable for their actions. Therefore, the deposits that you make to the fake web trader cannot be recovered at all.

It’s essential that you make sure the brokers listed on the auto trading website are regulated by appropriate agencies. The best regulators for crypto or forex traders are the CySec, FCA, ASIC, and FSB. If you find a robot that has regulations in other jurisdictions, it might not be legitimate. Also, if you can’t find any proof as to which robots are used, then you should definitely steer clear of those. For example, Crypto Bull App and Anon System are both scam bots because of their regulatory issues.

No Withdrawal Option and Unsafe Deposit Processes

We have found that Bitcoin Bank doesn’t have any data protection policies in place. For example, it appears to keep your billing details beyond what they are intended for.

Also, you are going to find that the deposit page isn’t encrypted at all. Therefore, hackers could intercept this information on the platform and copy your personal data, such as your bank information.

Like similar scamming bots, Bitcoin Bank doesn’t allow you to withdraw the capital you’ve earned. Once the money is funded, and in the platform’s account, you cannot retrieve it. The scammers from the platform then share those deposits with the scam brokers with which it partners. Meanwhile, you think that you’ve given money to a legitimate web-trader and are going to make live trades with it. Our investigation has revealed that Bitcoin Bank doesn’t respond at all to its withdrawal requests. Likewise, it is probably going to block you from using the platform again if you try to fight to make withdrawals of your money.

Is Bitcoin Bank being recommended by any celebrity?

It has been launched for over 3 years and for this reason a lot has been said about it on TV:

Fabio FazioFlavio BriatoreLorenzo Jovanotti

He was the first to talk about it on TV, but the Rai leaders knew nothing about it and later they removed the online broadcast and it is no longer possible to listen to it.

Does Bitcoin Bank offer a mobile app?

Yes. You can follow the progress of operations directly from Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. A specific app for bitcoin bank is not available, but the website is optimized for mobile devices and allows you to control your account via any browser that you access on your mobile device, tablet or desktop.

The verdict on Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin Bank is certainly reliable. This robot enjoys excellent user reviews and claims to use some of the best trading technology in the world. You can start your journey with Bitcoin Bank by clicking on the link in our review.

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Is Bitcoin Bank reliable?

From the excellent user reviews and the fact that it collaborates with regulated brokers, we can conclude that Bitcoin Bank is reliable.

How Much Should I Invest With Bitcoin Bank?

Only $ 250 is needed to trade with Bitcoin Bank. You can deposit more, but we recommend that you start in small steps.

Is Bitcoin Bank Profitable?

Bitcoin Bank can earn up to 400% per day. The bot claims that a deposit of only $ 250 can turn into $ 1000 capital in 24 hours.