Bitcoin Billionaire Review 2020

What Is Bitcoin Billionaire and How Does It Work?

The Bitcoin Billionaire is nothing more than a hyped up sales page which promises to make you a millionaire overnight. There is NO real software like signals or trading robot. The so called “financial expert” is a cheating sales rep operating from some shady legal jurisdiction like Bulgaria or Montenegro, and his job is to extract as much money as he can out of you.

Fake Bitcoin Billionaire Reviews

There is even one website which refers to the Bitcoin Billionaire as a “game” which needs to be downloaded and as a profitable “Bitcoin Miner.”

Bitcoin Billionaire Fake News

The fake news phenomenon is growing and pretty much out of control. Below we have taken a screenshot of the text advertisement and where is says “£398.42 After Just 8 Minutes From Using This Platform”. When you click on that you will see the fake news website where Jim Davidson says “It’s the nest opportunity I’ve ever had!”. If you take a look at the red square inside you will see a link which redirects you to the Bitcoin Billionaire scam website.

Bitcoin Billionaire Fake News

Don’t click the link, it is very spammy and we have also received confirmed reports of various viruses and spyware associated with the crypto scam.

Bitcoin Billionaire Review, Is $6,325 Daily Possible?

Bitcoin Billionaire is what we refer to here as a hard-core or classic get-rich-quick scheme. When you listen to the sales presentation you will hear how you can live the celebrity lifestyle, travel around the world, buy the car or the house of your dreams, and gain access to an unlimited budget. We are told that the so called crypto revolution has arrived and now its time to invest in the best cryptocurrencies and get your piece of the pie. Wealth Gurus and celebrities like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Lionel Messi, Jennifer Lopez, Mike Tyson, Kim Kardashian, and Snoop Dog are used as well when they tell you that it’s time to take control of your future and decide what happens with your money.

literally only to speed up progression, which is what this game is all about. The fun is in watching the numbers get higher and buying things to make the game progress faster. The hyperbits are pretty much the only paywall of any sort, as once you run out of the daily allotment, and if you run out of ads to watch, then you’ll either have to pony up for more hyperbits or suffer the negative consequences of the random events when they happen. So if you want faster progression without setbacks, well, Noodlecake is happy to take your money. This is truly a free-to-play game, though I admit I have spent a couple of dollars on this.

Again, I’m ashamed because I know this game’s tricks, I know it’s meant to be as shallow as possible and yet I can’t stop playing. It’s amusing and well-made and I either highly recommend playing it or staying far, far away. But no matter what, I’ve got a virtual top hat, private beach, and more fake bitcoins than I know what to do with. Send help.

Who is Bitcoin Billionaire For?

Anyone who is lucky enough to come across Bitcoin Billionaire has the permission to use it. The only requirement is that you are ready to make fortunes. Who doesn’t want to?

Whether you have detailed knowledge about Bitcoins or only knows it by name, this is a tool that you can make good use it. When you do so, it will definitely set your finances in good shape.

The fact that the software does everything for you means you do not have to worry about any technicalities. Just focus on registering and then leave everything else to the creators. They will stun you with what they are capable of.

How to Starting Using Bitcoin Billionaire

Getting started with Bitcoin Billionaire is one of the easiest things you can ever have to do. Follow these simple steps and you are good to go!

Step 1: Register

Just like any other great software, you cannot use this tool without registering. The main purpose of registering is to maintain access to the few genuine individuals ready to make millions. Registration is fast as you are asked basic essential questions. Hurry up with the registration because there are only a few spaces left!

Step 2: Invest

When you have successfully registered, a professional financial advisor will contact you and take you through the amazing insider secrets. You will then be asked to make an investment and guided on how to do that. Do not be afraid to do so. That’s because you make money where you put your money. In other words, you have to use money to make more money. That is the basic rule of becoming a millionaire.

Step 3: Earn

When you invest you expect to earn, right? That’s exactly what Bitcoin Billionaire does for you. After you are done with registration and the expert taken you through all that you need to know, you are ready to start earning. It’s as simple as that.

Visit Bitcoin Billionaire

I downloaded the free game Bitcoin Billionaire by Michael Stockwell (published by Noodlecake Studios) expecting to be unimpressed or annoyed. The more serious Bitcoin miners among us might still have that experience in spite of its ability to grow on you. Take comfort in the fact that it didn’t cost anything (except time) to play, though.

Over time you can upgrade your office. As you see, the author is still in the beginning stages.

Game Concept

When you start the game up you are presented with a warning: the bitcoins you are about to mine are not real. I guess you never know what users are going to think they can do with a game. In any case, this game wants you to tap. And tap, and tap, and tap. (Must be why they call it the genre “idle tapping.”) For added convenience, you can even tap with multiple fingers at once. The object is simple: mine as many bitcoins as you can, and grow your investment by diversifying. To do so, you tap the computer where your avatar is working steadily to a fortune.

Occasionally packages arrive, containing either upgrades to your miners or other bonuses. You can spend your virtual Bitcoins on upgrades and investments such as lottery tickets and comic books. Now and then you get unlucky, like below. “Someone divided by zero.”

But now and then you get lucky, like when these leprechauns walked by my avatar’s window.

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