Bitcoin Trader Review

How to Trade Bitcoin?

Trading with Bitcoin is all about knowing when to get in a position, when to shorten it, and when to get out. The best way to trade with Bitcoin is obviously by understanding how the graphs work, and analysing the tendencies of the market.

Bitcoin Trading has made a lot of people into self-made millionaires over night. To be completely fair, most people don’t even know what they are doing most of the time, and just enjoy the ride whilst surfing on the crypto wave. To get good results, you need good and powerful tools to help, and a little luck as well.

Some tips and advice to reduce the risk of loss:

Deposit the minimum at the beginning: do not go flat; invest only 250 $ at the beginning until you feel more confident to invest higher amounts.

Learn from the experts: you can ask for help to the customer service, but we also advise you to continue researching and reading tips and strategies for Bitcoin Trading.

Withdraw your earnings: Every time you reach an interesting amount, withdraw your money. Do not make the mistake of losing everything because of greed.

Features of the Bitcoin Trader Software

  • Good payout system

The Bitcoin Trader software has a fast and efficient payout crypto trading system. After your earnings, you may quickly cash out from the system without any hassle. There may be no issues with your payment amount as your profit is accurately calculated.

  • Process of verification

Your user information, such as email or payment details, is verified to prevent any issue with withdrawal or deposit. It also helps to avoid any problem of fraud.

  • Deposits and Withdrawal

Unlike other platforms, Bitcoin Trader’s withdrawal system is fast and reliable. It may only take just 24-hours for you to clear your funds after making a request.

  • Charges

The Bitcoin Trader platform does not require any form of registration charges. You may also not be required to pay any fees for withdrawal purposes. Aside from the minimum deposit of $250, you may not be required to pay any other money.

  • Customer care support

You may be able to contact their customer care for complaints or any other issues. They are reliable and always ready to respond to your query.

Has Bitcoin Trader Software been on TV?

During the past years, the cryptocurrencies have been making their way as one of the biggest and best investment options in the future. They have even been featured in a few TV shows. Bitcoin Trader, however, has been said to be featured on TV before but this has never been confirmed. Some of these are the following:

Dragon’s Den

Bitcoin Trader has been said to be endorsed by the Dragons in the TV show Dragon’s den. This was later confirmed by some of them to be a hoax, and confirmed to be false. Bitcoin Trader has never been featured on Dragon’s Den.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a TV show similar to the UK Dragon’s Den. It’s actually the U.S version of the show. Bitcoin Trader has never been featured or in an episode of the series. If you search for it on social media you will see that no results show up.

Is Bitcoin Trader App Endorsed by Celebrities?

Just like most of the trading algorithm and software are said to be endorsed or backed by giant capitalists or corporate typhoons, Bitcoin Trader is no exception to that. This trading software has been said to be endorsed by many successful businessmen and even some celebrities. The rumours are usually found and spread around social media and on the internet. We will demystify a few below:

Peter Jones

The Irish Entrepreneur, Sir Peter Jones has been said to be associated with many other bitcoin and trading robots. He’s clarified that in a tweet earlier in 2018 that he has nothing to do with any of these, and that his image was being used without his consent.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has openly admitted that he’s a huge fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Some even dare say that he is the creator “Satoshi Nakamoto” himself. He obviously denies, and says he doesn’t have any involvement whatsoever. He also doesn’t seem to be associated with Bitcoin Trader or any other trading company.

Gordon Ramsey

This is one of the latest claims to involve Bitcoin Trader and a celebrity. Gordon Ramsey, the great chef and star of kitchen’s nightmare and is falsely being used in an attempt to bring more users towards scam platforms. It’s important to always research any relation with a celebrity and a company before investing in it.

Does Jim Davidson Use the Bitcoin Trader Software?

The famous English stand-up comedian has severally been mentioned alongside several bitcoin robots.  However, we have not found any evidence about Jim Davidson Bitcoin Trader investment. We have tried contacting him about the mention but did not get any response.

Bitcoin Trader is a legit robot and there is no need for any celebrity endorsement to ascertain that. Most online reviews which stress on celebrity endorsements are mostly from lazy affiliates looking to get quick signups without providing enough information.

Ant McPartlin and Bitcoin Trader

Ant McPartlin is another celebrity who is rumoured to make wealth through bitcoin trading robots. The English television presenter, producer and actor is said to be the investor behind popular bitcoin robots. However, Learnbonds did not find any link between Ant McPartlin and Bitcoin Trader robot.

As mentioned above, fake celebrity endorsements are market baits used by affiliates looking to go viral. Bitcoin Trader has distanced itself from this type of affiliates and promised to take action against them.

Does Kate Winslet Recommend Bitcoin Trader?

Kate Winslet is a popular English actress also rumoured to have invested in Bitcoin Trader. While Kate Winslet has expressed her admiration for bitcoin projects, there is no evidence that she has invested in any. Learnbonds investigation can confirm that Kate Winslet has not invested in any Bitcoin robot.

We suggest that you ignore any review that dwells on celebrity endorsements and conducts enough due diligence for yourself. Learnbonds provides comprehensive reviews to help you make well-informed decisions.

Does Holly Willoughby endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Holly Willoughby is another British celebrity that is rumoured to have endorsed the Bitcoin Trader. However, we found no evidence of Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Trader endorsement.

Her case is similar to those of other celebrities who have been used by affiliates looking for easy link clicks. Bitcoin Trader is a legit robot and does not in any way participate in misleading marketing.

Andrew Forrest and Bitcoin Trader – Is it true?

Andrew Forrest is an Australian businessman known for his great support on emerging tech. Like the above celebrities, the businessman has been rumoured to invest in some bitcoin robots. However, Learnbonds can confirm that Andrew Forrest is not an investor of Bitcoin Trader.

The people behind Bitcoin Trader are crypto trading gurus and not celebrity entrepreneurs. Avoid any reviews dwelling on Andrew Forrest Bitcoin Trader endorsement. You can also report them to Bitcoin Trader through the contact page on their website.

Has Nicole Kidman invested in Bitcoin Trader?

Nicole Kidman is another celebrity associated with bitcoin robots. However, we did not find any evidence supporting such claims. Nicole Kidman is a celebrity and not a professional crypto trader or investor. Any review trying to associate Nicole Kidman to Bitcoin is not genuine.

Bitcoin Trader has distanced itself from the unscrupulous affiliates using Nicole Kidman in their bait techniques and promised to crack a whip on them.  As explained in this review, the robot is legit and based on real technologies. As a result, it does not need celebrity endorsement to prove legitimacy.

Does Peter Lim endorse Bitcoin Trader?

Peter Lim is a Singaporean business magnate and entrepreneur with interests in emerging tech. Some reviews are spreading a rumour that he has invested in Bitcoin robots. However, we have not found any evidence showing that Peter Lim has invested in Bitcoin Trader.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Trader is a legit robot founded by crypto trading gurus. Learnbonds has not found any evidence linking a celebrity entrepreneur to this robot. The majority of people who use Bitcoin Trader are those who have joined the millionaire club through crypto trading.

Bitcoin Trader is a popular automated trading software for investors, that has been copied multiple times. This Bitcoin Trader App software is connected with a variety Crypto CFD brokers, including some licensed brokers like Alvexo.

We reviewed this bitcoin trading robot software, and immediately noticed how professionally it was made. They actually have a software that you can see how it works before you deposit money.

Bitcoin Trader incredible results guaranteed!

I am always very skeptical when someone promises me something that looks too good to be true unless it’s beneficial for both parties. So when I first read the information on claiming I can become the next millionaire, I knew right away it’s probably just another scam. And with Bitcoin Trader, I was right. Again. Do not fall for false promises of high profitability based on someone’s unique system. It is almost always a scam. The Bitcoin Trader software claims that you will earn at least $1,300 per day. I can see that hardly possible with a minimum deposit of 250$.

Members of Bitcoin Trader Community? Fake!

The testimonials published on the Bitcoin Trader website are fake and I have a proof of that. Do you remember the displayed traders who are so damn successful? Well, they are not. Because these pictures are stock images, just have a look.


The Bitcoin Trader app is a reliable and dependable platform that may be very helpful for bitcoin traders. It is legit and comes with a lot of unique features and benefits for users.

The Bitcoin Trader software is designed with a feedback system to enable users to send their feedback to the developers. Users may also be able to rate the services of the software.