BitQT Review

Bitqt Review 2020: Is the App Legit?

Day-to-day, we see how people are seeking different jobs on the net these days to increase their income. As many individuals have also lost their day-to-day jobs, while others are unable to operate their businesses. In such cases, the commoners need a reliable source of income.

It’s clear that the opportunities to earn physically in 2020 aren’t too good. But that’s not even a problem if you use your smart phone or tablet productively because you can still think of receiving passive income. There are a variety of methods to do so and today we’ll discover one such way based on the crypto trading technology.

In 2020, Bitqt was designed to help regular people to simply exchange the digital currency. Owing to it’s strong estimated rate of profit margins, this automaton is reportedly an internet sensation. For passive online traders, the Bitqt looks very popular because it needs much less manual effort than others on the market. Besides that, you will simply need 250 USD to exchange the cryptocurrency through this app; it looks like a very good choice for investors with tight budgets.

The Bitqt App is a platform that allegedly enables common folks with Bitcoin trading to experience huge prosperity. It’s a software application that says that a skilled trader’s tasks can be performed automatically and at a greater estimated winning percentage.

Only with Bitqt software, from such a deposit of 250 USD, a trader can apparently get a daily income of 1000 USD. But is the Bitqt trading app legitimate, and does it produce the profits as it has mentioned? With the aim of providing solutions to all these questions, we’ve performed a comprehensive testing on Bitqt network and have composed a report for your ease.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin right now?

“Bitcoin is a techno tour de force,” Bill Gates was quoted to say back in 2018, describing Bitcoin as an unstoppable force. There was so much scepticism about Bitcoin when it got released in 2009, but Bitcoin proved naysayers wrong, reaching its all-time high of $20,000 in 2017.

2020 has so far been an excellent year for cryptocurrency traders. Due to coronavirus Bitcoin dropped almost hitting $3,000 but then climbed back up quickly and now it stands just below $10,000.Cryptocurrency experts believe that now is the right time to invest in Bitcoin as it is expected that the value of it will only increase. The cryptocurrency expert Ivan On Tech made his prediction saying that Bitcoin will reach $40,000 by December of 2021. He also said that Ethereum will reach $4,000 by then. This is an excellent opportunity to get familiar and start trading cryptocurrencies with the BitQT app.

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How Does BitQT Works?

It is free to use BitQT App software, but you must create an account first. Though we checked into it, we don’t know how the founders make money with this system.

We think that they earn money from the brokers based on how many trades are completed. However, we are 100 percent sure that they don’t charge the members anything.

You, as the trader, have to deposit a small amount ($250) once you’ve set up your account and are ready to trade. You get paired with a broker on the platform. This person handles the transaction, and then you trade through them and see if you win. Each trade can take about 20 minutes, but it is all automated. This means you don’t have to talk to the broker, and the platform uses your set parameters to make the trades for you.

How to Set Up the Account

Your first step is to create your account directly on the website.

You don’t have to provide a lot of information, but you do need a valid email address and cell phone number. A password is required, but the system can generate one for you.

Now, check your email to get a confirmation.

There’s a link inside the email, which you click on to verify your identity and go to the website. Use the email as your user ID and enter the password you created or had generated. From then until now, you aren’t required to pay anything or input a credit/debit card number.

You can spend as much time on the platform as needed to get familiar with it.

Once that happens, you can put the minimum amount ($250) in your account. This is the smallest amount allowed, but you can add more. It’s recommended that you don’t, but this is your choice. Remember, you can always reinvest your earnings.

Of course, when you are ready to trade, you click the trade button.

Consider checking the various parameters. They’re set to the default, which is what we recommend you leave them at, but this is your choice. As you get more familiar with online trading, you can change it to see what outcomes you see.


Some of the Best Features for BitQT

You’re going to experience some amazing features with BitQT App that aren’t available from other auto-trading software options.

  1. Brokers
  2. Payouts
  3. Verification
  4. Fees
  5. Withdrawals
  6. Support
  7. Testimonials


Many people ask whether BitQT is legit or not. As far as our review is concerned, our team was very satisfied. We confidently recommend it. Those desiring to earn passive income, must get this robot. This was one of the best experiences we observed while checking the automatic trading platform.

BITQT obviously works. Each feature mentioned above was tested by our experts including its live trading demo. It has a very easy user interface, indeed a very supportive one. System is very simple to understand and self-explanatory. Your time saves, your energy saves and you get mentally relaxed while earning good profits. If you have any concerns about its registration, note that it is registered.

All in the end can be concluded in a nutshell by saying that we found this trading bot to be an easy and effective way of getting rich.



Our team used analytical tools for determining the success rate of this auto-trader. Results showed a very high transaction success rate.


We found no such proof. However, this statement is present on their website.


The answer is NO. Earnings are converted to the local currencies and then sent to respective banks.


Yes. Communications & data sent on this platform are encrypted and secured.


Anyone, literally anyone. There are no restrictions. No special experience requirement is there. No extra knowledge is needed. All such work is done by the trading bots.