Crypto Exchange FTX Partners With AZA Finance ‘to Expand the Adoption of Web3 and Digital Currencies in Africa’

FTX, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced a partnership agreement with AZA Finance. Their goal is to ‘expand adoption of Web3s and digital currencies throughout Africa. This includes non-fungible tokens, (NFTs).

AZA Finance released a statement stating that the two companies would work together to create pathways for African users to learn more about the Web3 economy, including educational resources and networking opportunities. A statement by AZA Finance stated that both companies are looking to make it easier than ever for African users to deposit and withdraw in African currencies via This includes local bank account integrations and mobile money.

Elizabeth Rossiello (CEO and founder of AZA Finance) stated that her company was available to assist FTX in expanding its footprint on the African continent in her remarks following the announcement. She said:

One thing was clear as we created Africa’s largest platform to trade African currencies. We have been serving these companies for many years and know that Africa is the future of the Web3 economy.

AZA Finance operates in 10 African countries and offers financial services, foreign exchange, payment, and payments. Global transactions totaling more than $260 million have also been executed by AZA Finance, which has operations in 10 African countries.

How to join African NFTs

Rossiello’s experience and AZA Finance’s track record in Africa were key factors that prompted FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried to explain. He says that such a partnership agreement will likely help his business increase its presence in Africa.

“We look forward working closely with them, as well as the local regulatory agencies, to bring all our products and services to Africa in a compliant manner. Bankman-Fried added that we are looking forward to supporting local artists and creators.

The two companies will also work together to ‘onboard African NFTs artists onto the FTX NFT Marketplace’. According to the statement, they will launch African currency and digital currency trading pairs.